What You Need to Know About Mirrors for Your Home Gym

Nearly every large commercial gym is filled with mirrors. So, when it comes to your home gym, you may ask yourself whether to hire a glass glazing company. Here, we review some of the most important things to consider before you commit to a custom mirror installation for your home gym.

A Seemingly Larger Space

Aesthetics may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your home gym. If you’re working out inside your house, though, it’s a good idea to make the space feel like home. Installing custom mirrors is the perfect way to make your gym look inviting and bigger than it actually is!

Putting up cheap mirrors may save you a few bucks in the short term. However, they can quickly transform your workout haven into just another tacky spare room. If you do decide to install mirrors, the best option is to hire a professional glass glazing company. When you hire a professional, the installation will also be cleaner and safer, and the results more aesthetically appealing.

How should I place my mirrors?

Where exactly you position your mirrors will depend on a variety of factors. Some things to consider are:

  • Are you able to place the mirrors so you always have yourself in sight while using the space?
  • Will the mirrors be able to fit into the space?
  • Is your gym equipment set up to work with the mirrors?

Most gym mirrors are large, custom cut pieces, rather than the stock mirrors from the store. Installation can be dangerous, as the glass is heavy and hard to hang, so it’s important to work with a contractor who is specialized in glass installation. A skilled professional can help you address the above questions and any others you may have.

Bigger is Better

With mirrors in your home gym, bigger is almost always better. Think about it: aren’t you always having to bend over or crane your neck at an odd angle to get a good view in a tiny mirror? You don’t want to be doing that while you’re trying to lift weights or maintain proper form.

The mirrors in commercial gyms are nearly always massive, covering whole walls. There’s a reason for that – large mirrors help you check your form so you can stay safe while working out. They also help motivate you every time you set foot in the gym.

Weigh Your Options

When you decide to install mirrors, you’ll want to do some preliminary research on glass specialists near you. After gathering quotes and reading reviews, you will have a variety of options to choose from. At that point, it will come down to your personal preferences and price. By comparing quotes, you can ensure you’ll get the biggest bang for your buck. You can even reinvest your savings in your home gym!

Looking for a glass glazing company?

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