Tips For Decorating Your Home With Mirrors

It’s good to redecorate every once in a while and change things up in your home. This can mean replacing furniture, artwork, or installing mirrors. At Desert Empire Mirror & Glass, our glass glazing company is equipped to help you with all your custom mirror needs. Here’s our list of top tips for decorating your home with mirrors:

Create a Focal Point

Just as with any kind of design, interior design relies on balance and flow. A mirror can draw in attention and act as the focal point of a room. It can help serve as a focal point in place of a fireplace or mantel or can even enhance these features. Larger mirrors tend to expand space and draw in the eye, while smaller mirrors work better as decorative pieces in conjunction with artwork and furniture. 

The Bigger, The Better

The thought of putting a large mirror in a smaller space may seem intimidating. Remember, though, that mirrors can make a room appear bigger than it actually is. Don’t be afraid to use a larger mirror to decorate a space. Sometimes, in order to best fit a space, mirrors need to be large or custom cut.

Hang the Mirrors Correctly

This one may seem trivial, but nobody wants a distorted mirror in their home. When you hang a mirror from a wire on a single hook, everything you see in the mirror will be slightly distorted. It can also present a safety hazard. So, before enjoying your newly hung mirror, you’ll want to be sure to securely attach it to the wall. You can do so by using at least two picture hangers or wall hooks, one on each end of the mirror. For larger mirrors, you may want to employ the help of a professional glass glazing company for a safe, efficient installation.

Choose Style Carefully

You can’t just choose any old mirror when decorating your home. Mirrors need to work in harmony with their surrounding environment. For instance, if you decorate following minimalist principles, you may opt for a simple, frameless mirror. If you have more of a vintage taste, you can also find mirrors to suit that style. It’s important to consider balance in a space as well and adding in a splash of contrast can help you achieve this.


Once you’ve selected the mirrors for your space, you will need to decide where to install them. You should consider height and reflection carefully. While artwork is usually positioned at eye level, this is not the case with mirrors. In most cases, they should be positioned so they can capture as much light as possible. This may seem obvious, but can often fall through the cracks during the creative process.

A Glass Glazing Company for Your Mirror Needs

If you find yourself needing custom mirrors or professional advice, turn to the experts at Desert Empire Mirror & Glass. Our family-owned glass glazing company is at your service to build and install custom mirrorwork in your home. For a free quote, contact us today!

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